Why People Love Pinterest

Why People Love Pinterest

There’s no denying the popularity of the social networking site Pinterest recently. It has captured the attention of millions of people. What is it about this website that has grabbed the attention of so many people? What can we learn about the phenomenon Pinterest has created online? Why do so many people love this website?


Pinterest, first and foremost, is a place for people to express themselves. The premise behind the website is for people to create virtual bulletin boards and “pin” what they find interesting to them. They can create as many boards as they like for as many different aspects of their lives as they want. Pinterest allows for a form of self-expression online that other social networks don’t. It is based almost entirely on images. It’s perfect for our visual society. People can express themselves and fulfill that need we all have.


Pinterest allows you to follow other people on the website. That means you can see what they are pinning to their boards. This can be quite fascinating to the Pinterest user. You can learn more about people you already know or people you’re just getting to know. The fact you can see what others are pinning to their boards makes Pinterest quite intriguing to many people. It makes it quite a fascinating place for people to hang out.


Why People Love Pinterest

Why People Love Pinterest


Creating Digital Memories

Everyone loves creating memories. Pinterest boards are like virtual scrapbooks. The user can create several boards for what’s important to them at that moment in time. As with anything in life, the user will change over time so the boards capture a digital snapshot of that time period in their lives, their likes and dislikes, their hopes and desires, for that time when it was created.


Who doesn’t love to see what their friends like? Who doesn’t want a peek into someone else’s dreams for a moment? Want to see what recipes your friends are collecting? Want to see crafts all your mom friends are planning for the upcoming holidays? Want to see what new cars the family down the street are considering? All of that can be seen on Pinterest. It’s a way to get a peek into someone else’s life.

Life Planning

Some people use Pinterest for planning. There are stories of people using it to plan a trip or even plan an entire wedding! Whatever you are planning, Pinterest offers a place for you to organize everything. You can split different aspects of your planning into different boards or put it all into one board.


Sometimes you just need to escape for life for a few minutes. One reason people love Pinterest so much is because it offers them that. They can hop on and see what their friends are pinning. Or they can surf the web and find things they want to put on their boards. But Pinterest is all about escaping from life for just a little while.

There are a number of reasons people love Pinterest. Whether it’s the community they build, the curiosity they have about others, or just a way to escape and relax, this website is changing the way people interact online. It’s a website that has hit the social media web with a bang and has many adoring fans.


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