5 Strategies To Make Pinterest Work For You!

5 Strategies to Make Pinterest Work for You 

Pinterest has captured the attention of millions of people with a unique platform that allows its users to expresses their interests, desires, and ideas through visually appealing images on virtual bulletin boards. With the frenzy around Pinterest also comes the perfect opportunity for marketers to leverage its compelling virtual nature and weave it into it a social experience with their business.

Here are five ways brands can leverage Pinterest now:

1. The “Follow Me” Button

The simplest way to get Pinterest followers to your company’s Pinterest page is to put a “Follow Me on Pinterest” button on your webpage in hopes that people will click it. Make sure you provide quality content for them to follow. Update it frequently so your boards don’t go stale. It’s also important to remember that a user’s choice to “Follow” may not be brand specific, but board specific. This gives you the opportunity to segment your followers in ways relevant to your business. A well-designed strategy will have you add “Follow Me” buttons in places appropriate to the segment.

Share Your Authenticity

Show your audience you’re a real person. Pinterest allows a business to show its consumers there are really people behind it. You can share experiences, recipes, hobbies, and the like with customers. While this shouldn’t be the bulk of what you’re sharing, it can be a small portion of it to show the person or people behind the scenes of the operation. The more they get to know you, the more they’ll feel they connect with your business.


5 Strategies to Make Pinterest Work for You

5 Strategies to Make Pinterest Work for You


Link Back to Your Business

Is your business something with visual appeal? If it is, you can pin professional photos of your products or services and link back to your website. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can pin great recipes or recipes you create, both with great pictures, and link back to a landing page on your website. This makes it easy for Pinterest followers to become customers once they notice your picture and are naturally intrigued to visit the link where the picture came from.

Be a Resource for Customers

If you have a service-based business, consider pinning some eye-catching short tutorials and how- to articles. Pin some tasteful photos that illustrate what you’re trying to teach and have it link back to a media story, blog post, or wherever else the educational material might be on the web.

It’s important to meet your customers where they are. If they have a need, fill it. People are much more open to look for new products and services when they have a problem. If you are there to help them fix the problem, they will be much more receptive to what your company is offering.

Share and Share Alike

If you want to promote your business on Pinterest, you can’t make your pins all about your business. You need to focus on more than just yourself. Re-pin interesting things others are doing. Re-pinning something someone else pinned is the ultimate compliment on Pinterest.  If you do it on a regular basis, you will have people take notice of you.

There are so many strategies you can use to promote your business on Pinterest. Gone are the days of hardcore marketing. Today people like to feel connected with the people marketing to them. There are a number of ways you can connect with your customers to help get the word out about your business.


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Ola Uno Corporation Pinterest Wall Board

The Secrets of Pinterest’s Success

The Secrets of Pinterest’s Success

There’s no doubt the new social network, Pinterest has hit the Internet with a bang. But why has this social media darling come in with such a big splash? How could anything rival the popularity of Twitter and Facebook? Pinterest is powerful and its formula for success is one that anyone can learn from.

Pinterest is Pretty

Everything about Pinterest is about visual appeal. There is great attention to detail. This is key in any successful venture whether it be online or in a brick and mortar business. People notice when you put the extra effort in to making things look nice and they come back because they feel welcome. They have enjoyed their experience while they are there and want to experience it again. That’s exactly what the creators of Pinterest have done. They have not just created a website; they’ve created an experience for the user. It’s much more than just going to a website, you’re going to experience something. People know when they go, they will leave feeling happy and refreshed.


Secrets of Pinterest's Success

Secrets of Pinterest’s Success


Pinterest is Useful

While Pinterest is a social networking site, you can use it for much more than that. You can use it as a way to keep organized or plan ahead. In that way, it’s a very useful tool to have. Why has Pinterest caught on so quick? It may be that “usefulness” component that people like. People who use it may feel like when they are on it, they are not just socializing, but also being productive. There is less guilt than hanging out on Facebook or Twitter where nothing productive happens. Pinterest users can flip through recipes and plan dinner or they can even plan the family vacation, a party, or a wedding. This and much more are all commonly planned on Pinterest.

Pinterest is Simple

In a society where things are very complicated, people like simplicity. Simplicity is good. People crave it in our culture. Pinning, the term used for sharing things on Pinterest, takes a single click. How could it be any simpler? No technical knowledge needed. Other businesses can take note of Pinterest’s simple approach. They should make it as easy for the consumer as they possibly can. It’s a smooth way of doing business that puts the customer’s needs first. It looks at the experience as the top goal to fulfill, rather than the end product.

Wondering what Pinterest has up its sleeve and how it has soared in popularity in recent months? There are several reasons and they are something other businesses should take note of so they can learn how to stand out from the crowd, too.


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Ola Uno Corporation Pinterest Wall Board

Why People Love Pinterest

Why People Love Pinterest

There’s no denying the popularity of the social networking site Pinterest recently. It has captured the attention of millions of people. What is it about this website that has grabbed the attention of so many people? What can we learn about the phenomenon Pinterest has created online? Why do so many people love this website?


Pinterest, first and foremost, is a place for people to express themselves. The premise behind the website is for people to create virtual bulletin boards and “pin” what they find interesting to them. They can create as many boards as they like for as many different aspects of their lives as they want. Pinterest allows for a form of self-expression online that other social networks don’t. It is based almost entirely on images. It’s perfect for our visual society. People can express themselves and fulfill that need we all have.


Pinterest allows you to follow other people on the website. That means you can see what they are pinning to their boards. This can be quite fascinating to the Pinterest user. You can learn more about people you already know or people you’re just getting to know. The fact you can see what others are pinning to their boards makes Pinterest quite intriguing to many people. It makes it quite a fascinating place for people to hang out.


Why People Love Pinterest

Why People Love Pinterest


Creating Digital Memories

Everyone loves creating memories. Pinterest boards are like virtual scrapbooks. The user can create several boards for what’s important to them at that moment in time. As with anything in life, the user will change over time so the boards capture a digital snapshot of that time period in their lives, their likes and dislikes, their hopes and desires, for that time when it was created.


Who doesn’t love to see what their friends like? Who doesn’t want a peek into someone else’s dreams for a moment? Want to see what recipes your friends are collecting? Want to see crafts all your mom friends are planning for the upcoming holidays? Want to see what new cars the family down the street are considering? All of that can be seen on Pinterest. It’s a way to get a peek into someone else’s life.

Life Planning

Some people use Pinterest for planning. There are stories of people using it to plan a trip or even plan an entire wedding! Whatever you are planning, Pinterest offers a place for you to organize everything. You can split different aspects of your planning into different boards or put it all into one board.


Sometimes you just need to escape for life for a few minutes. One reason people love Pinterest so much is because it offers them that. They can hop on and see what their friends are pinning. Or they can surf the web and find things they want to put on their boards. But Pinterest is all about escaping from life for just a little while.

There are a number of reasons people love Pinterest. Whether it’s the community they build, the curiosity they have about others, or just a way to escape and relax, this website is changing the way people interact online. It’s a website that has hit the social media web with a bang and has many adoring fans.


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Ola Uno Corporation Pinterest Wall Board

Use Pinterest to Boost Your Website’s Traffic

Use Pinterest to Boost Your Website’s Traffic

There’s no doubt that Pinterest has made a big splash in the marketing community today. Millions of users are on it every day pinning things they find useful and sharing them with their friends. Companies everywhere are clamoring just to get some of the traffic Pinterest has to offer. There are a few strategies anyone with a website can use to get some Pinterest attention if they are consistent.

Is Pinterest Right for Your Site?

Although Pinterest is a hot website right now, it’s not going to be right for every niche. As of early 2012, the website’s main users are women, that means if your website is mainly men’s fashions, sports, or scantily clad women, you probably won’t do well on Pinterest. As the site evolves, experts predict male use of the site will, too. It’s still not a bad idea to get involved even if your primary target is males so are ready when male readership increases.

Some reports claim that the site can now bring more traffic than Google+, Linkedin, and others combined. Hard information is scarce and most people are at the very emerging stages of determining just how many visitors the site sends.

Become a Member of the Pinterest Community

There are no shortcuts in building web traffic.  If you want to connect with people on Pinterest and get web traffic from the website, you need to be an active participant. You can use it to post pictures that you find pretty, useful, or in the case of food, mouth-watering.

Consistently use the site every day. You can’t expect for good traffic to come from Pinterest if you just show up every once in a while with limited interaction. That is no way to build a following or develop relationships on the site. The only way to really build traffic from the site is to actually use the site itself.


Use Pinterest to Boost Your Website

Use Pinterest to Boost Your Website


Know Who to Follow

Find people and brands that have similar interests or branding to you or your company and watch them over time. After you have watched them for a while, you can start to gradually engage and interact with them. You can promote them by re-pinning things they post, in the hopes they might notice things you post and re-pin them, too. You can also follow or befriend these people on Facebook, and develop a deeper relationship with them. Get to know them and talk to them. This is the heart of what social media and it is what is all about.

Help Others

If you see someone pin something you like, re-pin it, meaning to share it. If people “like” your pins and boards and “pin” your images, do the same thing for them. This builds a relationship between the two of you. It shows you have similar interests. Re-pinning is the equivalent to a re-tweet on Twitter or a share on Facebook. If you consistently interact with people on Pinterest it will determine if you develop a relationship or not.

In the end, it’s up to each company or individual to determine if their time is well-spent on Pinterest. It could be time very well-spent but the jury is still out exactly how beneficial it is. But there’s no doubt Pinterest is a hot website right now and a great way to get some traffic to your website.


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Ola Uno Corporation Pinterest Wall Board

6 Tips to Tap Into Pinterest’s Popularity

6 Tips to Tap Into Pinterest’s Popularity

With the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, it seemed as if social media was saturated. But Pinterest has hit the social media with a big splash with ripple effects may be felt for years to come. Its popularity is huge and has many businesses wanting to tap into that.

Pinterest offers many advantages for small businesses, particularly those who specialize in e-commerce or other product based businesses.

The premise behind this social network newbie is to create online scrapbooks featuring photos of their favorite products. For a business, they can easily create a scrapbook of their newest products and embed links to their websites so customers can easily buy the product.

There are a few things to keep in mind to have a positive experience with Pinterest and keep your campaign organized and meaningful.

Create Boards

The key to using Pinterest are the boards. You don’t want to go overboard but you will want to create a fair number of boards to display a variety of products. Select different types of products that will appeal to different types of people. You might want to select some things that are classic, some that are modern, and some that are a little funky. It offers a little something for everybody and will give you more reach when it comes to people re-pinning things.

Use Images with Personality

Pinterest is all about images. That’s why it’s important to pick an eye-catching one for your website or blog so it will attract a lot of attention when it is pinned. The images that get shared the most are funny, inspiring, or emotional. If the image strikes a chord with you, chances are good it will strike a chord with someone else, too.

6 To Pinterest Popularity

6 To Pinterest Popularity

Be Selective

Don’t pin every picture from your website on your board or it will look like an advertisement. That’s the last thing you want. The beauty of Pinterest is that the boards highlight the best of the best. Select the best and most eye-catching photos from your website to pin. Mix in great pictures from other websites that you like. Your board will look like a true Pinterest experience while also displaying your best products.

Write Vivid Descriptions 

The pictures you pin to your boards will automatically have a link to the webpage they are from but they won’t have a caption. You have the freedom to write your own commentary on each photo. You can use it to give users updates on what’s new with your business or simply describe the product.

The Pinterest craze seems to be here to stay for a while. Why not tap into its popularity for your business and learn to use it to promote your business? It’s simple to use and may go a long way in marketing your business.

Create a Timeline

Show how your industry and or business has evolved through the years, and how your customers helped you change, their thoughts, ideas, and integrate them into your implementation of changes and or marketing.


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Ola Uno Corporation Pinterest Wall Board

5 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest

5 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest

To stay up to date in today’s marketplace, your company should be a part of whatever social media is hot. Right now Pinterest is blazing hot online and your company needs to hop on the bandwagon if it hasn’t already. Need 5 ways this will benefit your company? Here they are:

1. Show the Visual Side to Your Brand

Most products or services have a visual side to them, even if it’s just a logo and a few other distinctive graphics. Take the time to prepare aesthetically pleasing visual content to share. For example if your brand creates blog posts for pet products, then make sure all the pictures on the blog posts that direct back to those posts are eye-catching. If you have a service-based business, you can still select pictures on a website or blog that are attractive and will catch someone’s attention.

2. Publicize

You want to be where your target market is. So if your target market is on Pinterest, then you want to be there, too. Chances are good there is at least one segment of your target audience on Pinterest. So you need to be there. Consumers won’t know you’re there though. Let them know by publicizing it on all forms of media that leaves your company or business. Your Pinterest page will receive traffic, even if it’s just for curiosity.


5 Ways to Market Your Business

5 Ways to Market Your Business

3. Use Instagram

Be creative with photos. Use a program like Instagram to highlight certain boards. Instagram  is a photo sharing application that allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter, then share it on a variety of social networking sites. Pinterest’s focus is on visual appeal. The more you make your pictures exciting to view, the better chances you have of peaking consumers’ interest.

4. Make Sure the Pins are Something Others Will Want to Re-Pin

When you create a pin, make sure it links to something on your website, blog, or other social network. Not only should it link to something, it should link to something your consumers will want to share their own followers on Pinterest by re-pinning your content. Also, and this is the most important element, make sure it has an eye-catching graphic attached to it.

5. Do a Marketing Campaign

Pinterest is a great place to do creative campaigns. Since so much of campaigns are visual, Pinterest is perfect and takes the social media aspect of campaigns to a whole new level. The types of campaigns Pinterest can help with are:

  • Contests: Allow consumer to create images that might be featured on the company Pinterest page.
  •  Voting: Ask consumers on a specific board what their favorite item is or pick what other boards they would like to be featured.
  • How-To Demos: Demos can be done via videos, posts, and other items to let consumers get better insight into your company’s service or product.

Marketing your business on Pinterest is a must in today’s online social media world. It’s a social network that is around to stay. There are a number of ways you can build interest and even create hype to draw attention to your company and your brand for this popular website that’s growing every day.


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Ola Uno Corporation Pinterest Wall Board

7 Ways to Draw Attention to Your Brand on Pinterest

7 Ways to Draw Attention to Your Brand on Pinterest

Pinterest started out as a place for regular people to share things they enjoy with each other. However, it’s quickly morphed into a place for small and large companies to brand their products. There are a number of ways you can do this effectively to reach out to your target market and even learn from them.

Showcase Your Products

The most obvious thing you can use Pinterest for is to showcase your product. Create a board for your products and pin them. You might create several boards, splitting your products into categories so consumers can view them easier. You might consider naming the board with a bright and colorful name so the label’s personality really sticks out.

The point of creating the boards for your products is for Pinterest users to be attracted to the images and re-pin them on their walls. High-quality, creative images are key.

Run Competitions

You can run pinning competitions. This can help increase interest in your product, as people will pin your product and others in their network of friends will see it, possibly re-pin it and so on. The ripple effect is great.

Clothing retailer Lands’ End ran a “Canvas Holiday Pin It to Win It” completion where pinners were asked to pin up to 20 images to their boards from the Lands’ End website. Then, they were to email the url of the board to Land’s End to win the items contained within the board.

There were just over 200 entries. That may seem low, but there was a high level of engagement seen by Pinterest, as well as a re-pinning effect, which means the products were actually seen by a much larger network of people.


7 Ways to Draw Attention to Your Brand

7 Ways to Draw Attention to Your Brand


Backstage Access

Show consumers something they can’t see anywhere else except on Pinterest. Show them the process the company goes through to create the product they eventually buy. Everyone loves to see “exclusive content.” Make Pinterest the bearer of that content.


If your company has a big event of some type, make the visual portion of that event be available on Pinterest. When New York Fashion week rolled around in 2011, the Wall Street Journal covered it by posting pictures on Pinterest.

Highlight Your Visual Content

Every business has visual content they can share on Pinterest. Even if your business is not primarily a visual business, there will still be something to share. For example, if your business is computer repairs, you can post pictures of computers, pictures of computers disassembled, and so on. There is always a visual to your business you can share. Just make sure your pictures are interesting so they are more likely to be re-pinned.


Pinterest isn’t just about “pretty” pictures; it’s about pictures that tell a story. Many of those pictures can be used to educate. If your company or organization has something that can be taught, do it through pictures on Pinterest.

Use It Like a Focus Group

There are few sites that simplify aligning yourself with a brand to represent who you are and what you like as Pinterest does. You can learn a lot about your customers through this. If you spend some time looking at those that engage with your brand, what they re-pin, and who they engage with, you’ll find truly valuable insights in a far more natural way than other methods, like surveying people.


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Ola Uno Corporation Pinterest Wall Board

Branded QR Code Software

QR Code Software with Advanced Options Fully Branded With Your Company Name

Even if you already have QR codes for your business or thought of purchasing one. Buy this fully branded advanced software with your own business name which allows to you to generate as many QR codes as you like with no further investment, and or royalties. When you simply have a campaign to run or a coupon to offer open up your software on any windows based computer and click a few buttons and out comes your custom QR Code. No internet connection required and can easily be ran from a USB drive. See below snapshot of screen with our company name which we code to your own business name as if you had it programmed just for your company. Show it off to customers and or offer it to them as a lead generation tool. Every time they use it your company name and website show up on the main screen. See our company name below.


Branded QR Code Generator Software

Would you like the software for free and see a snapshot of your own company software with your name on it be fore you purchase your very OWN BRANDED VERSION?

Fill out the form below and we will send you a snapshot of what your software would look like with your company name on it. Call it what you want and we will brand it and send you a picture for your review no strings attached. The free version will be branded with our company name of course.



  • TELEPHONE NUMBERS (allows international codes and +1)
  • CONTACT INFORMATION (ME card format)
  • ANDROID MARKETPLACE (search option or Package name)

See screen shot below on how simple it is to just select from the drop down the different types or formats of QR Codes you can create from the list above.


Branded QR Code Generated Formats


You can pick from a selection of color pallet or enter your (red, green, blue light array) RGB color model or for the graphic designer mindset, the option of HSL and HVL is available. HSL stands for huesaturation, and lightness, and is often also called HLS. HSV stands for huesaturation, and value, and is also often called HSB (B for brightness).  see our color pallet selection below.


Branded QR Code Background Colors

Right now is the time to get your hands on the latest Branded QR Code Generator with advanced options for a special introductory special offer of  only $97.00 with no recurring payments, royalties, etc….. Generate as many QR Codes in the color you need for marketing and or branding and in all the different types or formats listed above.  Unlike many other QR Code generators this one makes it user friendly and at an affordable ONE TIME Price for all your QR Code needs.


  • Fully customizable application name, ad name, URL listed at the bottom, the ad text to promote your message.
  • Usuable for marketing – barter with your printing company and offer the software to him in exchange for services.
  • Master resell rights to sell and or offer the software for free with your company branding on it.
  • Use it as a lead generation tool.
  • Personal Use
  • Package it with other products or service
  • An E-cover with you software name and or company logo to promote and display your BRAND. image coming soon. 


Own this QR Code Software with your name, website or phone number on it. Name the software with any name (40 letters max 32 suggested), include your business name and website, PLUS include any text ad of your choice (some length restrictions apply in anem) hyper linked to any URL of your choice. For the three lines in the bottom with your message we suggest a max of 40 letters for each line including the hyper linked text.



Disclaimer: We are offering the software for free branded with our name there for NO REFUNDS under no circumstances. All sales final. You must download and try the free software first and try it out included with a snapshot of what your branded version will look like. Payment is for the time required to package and re brand the software to your liking and there are NO REFUNDS on the time for labor of re branding. Per Paypal’s terms we have stated these terms and conditions and closely monitor and will work with Paypal to close accounts on unscrupulous practices. We are not a fly by night company. We have been in the computer industry for over 20 years and providing this as an added service to customers.


Ola Uno Corporation, a business on the cutting-edge of Information Technology

Welcome to Ola Uno Corporation, a business on the cutting-edge.

The Information Age is spawning revolutionary technological advancements, and innovations are at their heart. Our team learns in a world-class environment so that they can not only live in the changing world, but they can create and shape those changes as well for a complete customer solution.

Ola Uno Corporation strives to be your leading problem solver and solutions provider of networking equipment, server virtualization and professional services for agency users throughout the world known for providing best value and efficient service.

We efficiently provide design, development, implementation, management, and evaluation of complex, custom IT infrastructure strategies and solutions with business users throughout the World. Collaborating with businesses and technology providers to analyze, interpret and translate technical needs into solutions delivering contracts on budget and on time.

I invite you to explore our website. Learn about all the exciting innovations our team has created and investigate our industry partnership opportunities. Come discover a business on the cutting-edge.


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