Facebook Mastery and how to properly expose your business on facebook.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Facebook

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Facebook

In today’s fast paced social society you can no longer deny the need for social media, especially Facebook. Facebook has dominated the social cultural movement, and if you do not jump on board of the Facebook bandwagon your business will get left behind.

If this happens, your chance of failure will rise exponentially. People today EXPECT your business to be socially engaged. But you can remedy this. It’s simple, really. It’s free. And it can turn your business into a 180. All you need is to do is embrace Facebook and the new social movement. Here are 5 reasons why:

Customers Will Have Control

Your customers have control over your brand. Your brand will be visible on the social graph, whether you like it or not. What does this mean? It means that if you do not have a social presence… It won’t matter in today’s social society. Customers will still talk about you, and customers will even create social fan pages of your business and brand.

If you want to manage how you are perceived on the social graph, then, you need to incorporate social media into your business’ marketing plan. You need to take charge of your own social destiny.

Engaging Customer

More and more small businesses are jumping onto the social bandwagon. There is a lot of noise out there, and small businesses need to become more relevant, engaging and have a unique connection with their customers — they need to have dialog with their customers.

Facebook and social media allows you to do this. It allows you to develop that unique bond by helping you engage your customers and connect with them on a more personal level.

Community Management

It is important to keep your brand relevant and interesting. Allowing people to express themselves via social media does just that.

You can utilize Facebook to create engaging content and to organize local events. Also, you can utilize Facebook, and other social media, as a costumer service communication tool. It allows you to assess your market, and it allows you to get real time feedback.

Social Integration

More and more online websites are connecting their websites to social media outlets. Outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

You can now aggregate social content from your social graph and have it posted to your own website. This brings the conversation to where your brand is.

Also, you can now integrate your own website content and your brand into Facebook… As in, you post a new update on your blog and it gets published to Facebook. And that’s not all. That blog post could also be shared among your customers AND their social graph will see the update on their news feed.

Social integration is nearly limitless, and I could hardly cover every aspect within this short article. But it is very powerful, and is a HUGE reason why you should jump onto the Facebook bandwagon.

Social Commerce

Not only has the brand become a social endeavor, but the entire shopping experience has.

For instance, Amazon.com allows you to connect your Facebook to their shopping platform. When you do this, then, you can begin to see popular books, DVDs, and other products among your friends.

It’s pretty much bringing that word-of-mouth to their shopping platform without your friends actually recommending the product to you. But the effect is still the same — powerful viral word-of-mouth marketing.

This is something you can do, too. No matter what product or service you offer.

So, there you have it. Five solid reasons to join Facebook and get your social on!

5 Facebook Tips For Small Businesses

5 Facebook Tips For Small Businesses

If you’re anyone who is anyone online, and you’re a marketer or small business owner… Then, surely, you have heard of social marketing. But perhaps you are unsure of how to implement social marketing for the best?

Well, I have put together five simple Facebook tips for small businesses. Here we go!

Tip #1: Don’t Spam

This might seem obvious. I mean, after the crazed email marketing “gold rush” spam has rightfully deserved a bad reputation. But some people might consider spam as just being unsolicited emails.

Well, the truth is spam’s more than just emails which end up in your junk box… Spam is any overbearing marketing campaign which tries to force something down your throat.

For instance. Let’s say you have the latest and greatest sports drink product. So, you want to build up a social following. You get a Facebook profile and a Facebook page. You easily rake up over 10,000 fans on your Facebook page, and you’re all set to start pushing some product to them.

What do you? You post two or three status updates EVERY single day. And are these updates productive? You might think so, but they are just ads… Status updates which try to sell your latest and greatest product. So now you your Facebook page’s wall is filled with advertisements and no engagements.

What’s worse? People have begun to start and “unlike” your page. So, those 10,000 fans turn into 1,000 fans really fast!

That was just an example, but we have all been privy to Facebook status spam, and we all do what the next person does — unlike the page or person. What’s the solution? Well, that’s tip number two.

Tip #2: Post Cool Status Updates

The best way to create excitement for your business’ Facebook page is to post some cool status updates. They don’t necessary have to be relevant to your business or brand.

But you do have to be real. You do have to show a passion and interest in what you post.

Do you like golf? Post your weekend’s golf average. Do you like music? Post some songs you are listening to right this minute.

You will be surprised at how much response you will get out of some off topic posts!

Here’s a real life example. I have a buddy which wanted to test a new Facebook strategy. This strategy? Well, posting cool status updates.

He decided to start the Krispy Kreme Daily. He began to post every morning from Krispy Kreme. He would post random topics and tie them into the doughnuts. He would also rate and review some of the doughnuts.

He did this every day for two weeks. And, yes, he got some comments and replies… But not that many.

Well, after that first two weeks he went on a weekend holiday, and he did not log onto the computer. Therefore, he did not post his Krispy Kreme Daily to Facebook.

What happened? He had over 18 posts to his wall (and more comments to those posts) inquiring about what was wrong. Many thought that he was ill, and were wishing him well.

What had he stumbled upon! This was amazing! Just because people did not respond to his comments did not mean they were not reading the posts and clicking on the links.

And when you begin to post cool status updates… You will automatically begin to accomplish tip number 3.

Tip #3: Engage One-on-One Conversations

When someone posts to your wall, engage them. When someone posts a new status update and it shows on your news feed, engage them. When someone uploads a new picture to your page or their profile, engage them. Pretty much, no matter what goes on…. Engage your customers.

Does this mean you have to comment every single time? No. You can “like” the picture or status update. All you are doing here is creating a brand that is personal. You are creating an image that your company cares for the community, and that you are an active participant in the community.

Let me ask you this. Let’s say you are a HUGE Giants fan. And you begin to follow the Giants’ Facebook page. Well, one day you post a statement on the Giants wall, and one of the Giants players actually responds to that post… How will that make you feel? Pretty good, eh?

It puts in your mind an image that’s greater than a company or an organization… It puts in your mind that the Giants are people, too.

Tip #4: Create Coupons and Promotions

How can you get more Facebook followers? How about creating some special coupons and promotions which are only available to your Facebook fans?

You can even create a tab which is shown first when they visit your Facebook page, and when they see that page it will ask them to “like” your Facebook page in return for some sort of special offer or promotion.

And once they “like” your page, then, they get immediate access to the coupon or promotion.

This actually leads us right into our last tip.

Tip #5: Encourage Check-ins

This tip is mostly for businesses which have an offline presence. Anyhow, Facebook has this tool called Facebook Places.

What is Facebook Places? Well, it’s a social yellow pages. That simple. It allows your customers to find you via Facebook AND to check-in when they are in your store.

When they check-in, then, all of their friends on their social graph sees this check-in. Still, Facebook Places has some other benefits. It allows you to setup special promotions for people that check-in at your store.

So, if they check-in at your store… They get 10% off of their meal. This encourages people to come and visit your store and it encourages them to check-in… Essentially, causing a viral word-of-mouth effect.

Well, there you are — 5 super simple Facebook tips. Now put them to use for your small business.

4 Ways To Connect With Your Customer

4 Ways To Connect With Your Customer

Social media has taken the online world by a storm! And the leader of that storm? You guessed it, Facebook.

But how can you use Facebook to connect with your market?It’s simple really. Here, take a look at these 4 strategies which you can use to connect with your customer using Facebook.

Tag Fans in Photos

Facebook has this option where you can tag your friends (or fans) in pictures which you upload. How about uploading some pictures of events or whatnot to Facebook… Then, tagging those people on your Facebook.

Or you can even create some sort of contest or game where people upload photos and tag themselves.

This will do two things. It will create a personal connection between your brand and your customer AND it will enable your customer’s friends to see the tags… This means that your customer’s friends might decide to come and visit your page.

Facebook Events

Facebook Events is a feature of Facebook where you can put on and host local events. This helps you connect with your target market, even if they are not on your friends or fans list.

This opens up your Facebook social graph to more than just those that follow you… How? Well, your friends and fans can send the event invites to their entire friends list. So, anyone who is interested in the event can submit an RSVP. This allows you to reach your entire community and targeted market.

Still, the event does not have to be a physical place. For instance, you can create an event which will occur via Webinar or Teleseminar. To be honest, the possibilities with Facebook Events is unlimited.

Exclusive Landing Page

Facebook gives you the ability to create a multitude of landing pages for your Facebook page.

You can create a landing page for first time visitors. This page might encourage the person to “like” your page, or at least a page that is interesting enough that they will come back, again and again.

You can also create pages which are just for members (fans). Instead of being directed to the page’s wall… Do something different. Something that stands out and keeps your customers coming back, again and again.

For instance, you can have a game page or a daily deal page or a special offers page… And so on. Whatever it is just make sure that it’s only available to your Facebook followers.

Be Unique and Update Often

No one likes to read a dull blog. No one likes to visit a dull Facebook page. So, you need to stand out from the crowd. How do you do that?

One way will be to do put a couple of the prior tips into action… Like tagging your fans in photos, or creating special landing pages for your members instead of letting them land on your wall. This is stuff not everyone is doing, and it will help you to stand out.

Lastly, you will want to post often. Don’t just post once a week, or even three times a week. Studies have shown that if you post 8 or more times a week, then, you will get the most response from your fan base.

So, post often!

Well, that’s it. Those are 4 simple and easy ways you can connect with your customers via Facebook.

4 Things Small Business Should Never Do On Facebook

4 Things Small Business Should Never Do On Facebook

Time and time again, I see small businesses making the same mistake after the same mistake on Facebook. So, I have put together a few tips of what you should NOT do on Facebook… Unless you want 0 followers.

Facebook Don’ts #1: Spam

Facebook marketing has become mainstream. Why? Because it has shown small businesses great success. And when a marketing media becomes mainstream… Well, it begins to attract some shady marketers with some shady marketing practices.

For instance, when direct mailing began to prove successful you began to have companies sending tons of junk mail to your mail box.

When email marketing became the new direct mail marketing… Only better, then, you began to see 10x as much junk mail in your inbox.

What happens when social media becomes mainstream and successful? Well, the same thing happens. But there are many businesses not even realizing that they are practicing shady marketing techniques.

Small businesses create a Facebook or Twitter account, and they start to attract followers. Their mistake is when they begin to treat these followers like direct mail or email subscribers… They begin to post status updates with marketing offers and sales links.

If Facebook small businesses were a lake I could throw a stone into it, and wherever that stone landed… Chances are that small business’ Facebook profile would have 10 or more recent Facebook posts with nothing but sales pitches and sales links.

When you do this your followers will start to unfollow you. BUT you can use Facebook to further your marketing endeavors.

The solution? Post some interesting and non-related posts. Develop a connection with your Facebook fans BEFORE you start pushing them for sales. Instead of 1 non-related post for every 10 sales posts… Let’s change that ratio to 10 non-related (fun) posts for every 1 sales posts.

You will be amazed at how responsive a Facebook page will be when you follow that simple rule.

Facebook Don’ts #2: Multiple Accounts

I see small businesses making this mistake time and time again!

Here is what they do. They create a personal Facebook profile. They create another profile for their business. They create even more profiles for their products and brands.

It is against Facebook’s Terms and Conditions to create multiple Facebook accounts. So, you need to create only one Facebook profile.

However, Facebook does give you the ability to create special Facebook pages for your business. In fact, this is where the third Facebook don’t comes into play.

Facebook Don’ts #3: Personal Profile

Like mentioned a moment ago… Facebook TOS only allows you one Facebook account per page. And Facebook also gives you the ability to create special business page’s for Facebook.

So, do not create a Facebook profile for you business’ brand. Instead, create a Facebook profile for yourself. Then you start creating Facebook pages for your business and brand.

Why? Well, yes… You could use a Facebook profile for your business, but you would not have all the features Facebook gives business’ in order to connect with their customer base and targeted market.

If you settled on using a Facebook profile for your business, then, you would be limited to 5,000 friends. And you would have to approve each and every friend. Instead, using Facebook pages to create your business’ presence on Facebook would allow you to have an unlimted number of followers AND you do not have to approve each person that wants to follow you. They simply “like” your page and they are connected to your business.

Still, there are many other features and benefits to a Facebook page for a business as opposed to a Facebook profile.

So, what do you do? Create a Facebook profile for yourself, then, go to: http://facebook.com/page/create.php to get started creating your first Facebook page for your business and brand. (By the way, you can have an unlimited number of Facebook pages!)

Facebook Don’ts #4: Turning Off Wall

The whole purpose of a Facebook page is to connect with your customers. How can yo do this if you shut off your biggest connection tool — Wall Posts and Comments?

Facebook page’s wall comments allows those that follow you to post on your Facebook page. When they post on your page, then, other fans can comment on it. This allows your community to engage itself AND allows you to connect with your customer base.

Also, the wall posts get shown on your fans news feed, and if they comment on a post or create the post themselves then their friends will also see the wall post on their news feed.

So, it can be a powerful viral marketing tool as well as as communication and interaction tool.

Conclusion? Do not turn off your social tools unless you do not want to interact with your customers and you want to lose followers.

4 “Got To Have” Facebook Plugins For WordPress

4 “Got To Have” Facebook Plugins For WordPress

Facebook is the most popular social platform on the market today. And it’s the most power social marketing platform on the market today.

So, why not bring the power of Facebook to your business? Why not bring social marketing to your website? Here are four Facebook plugins which you just have to have.

Simple Facebook Connect

Simple Facebook Connect is truly the only Facebook plugin you will ever need! While it is composed of a complex series of Facebook plugins… All combined into one. It really is what it’s name suggests — simple.

You do not need to know any HTML or PHP coding. You do not need to know FMBL or any other technical coding terminology… You just simply need to know how to click a button to install this simple plugin onto your WordPress website.

But what does it do? Well, it connects your Facebook with your WordPress blog. In other words, it integrates Facebook into your website.

Let’s look at a few features:

Comment on blog posts using your Facebook ID
Automatically (or manually) publish your blog posts to your Facebook profile or Facebook page
Allow users to login using their Facebook ID
Allow new users to create an account on your WordPress website using their Facebook ID
Integrate Facebook share button into your posts
Integrate Facebook “like” button to your website and posts
Aggregate your news feed
Aggregate your upcoming events
And so much more.

It’s a nice little plugin that almost completely integrates Facebook into your website.

Facebook Tab Manager

Facebook pages has a feature where you can add more tabs… Which are essentially additional pages. It’s kind of like you go to a company’s website and you have an About Us page, a Contact Us page, and a Products page.

Well, Facebook tabs are the same. And you can create these Facebook tabs directly from your WordPress blog! All you have to do is install Facebook Tab Manager.

It’s no different than creating a WordPress post or a WordPress page. It’s that easy!

Facebook Fan Box

Facebook Fan Box is a neat little plugin which enables you to showcase your Facebook page to your visitors.

It allows your visitors to see which of their friends like your Facebook page, how many other people also like your Facebook page, and it gives them an opportunity to like your Facebook page, too.

It also allows you to show your recent Facebook page updates directly on your website.

Simply, Facebook Fan Box brings your Facebook page to your website. This allows you to get more eyes onto your Facebook page.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, why not bring your social Facebook pictures to your WordPress installation?

Using Fotobook you can do just that! It allows you to integrate your Facebook photo albums to your WordPress blog. Bringing all your social images to your website for all of your visitors to see!

The above plugins are just a small sample of Facebook plugins for WordPress. There are dozens upon dozens more. But these four are among some of the most popular and best featured. I hope you liked the recommendations… Now just go install them and use them.

2 Must Have Facebook Marketing Tools

2 Must Have Facebook Marketing Tools

Facebook marketing has become one of the hottest topics around today. And it’s no wonder why. It’s because it gets results.

I am going to reveal two amazing Facebook tools to you. Tools which will make your Facebook marketing job easier and more efficient.

Tool #1: Postling

Small businesses upon small businesses are not only creating official Facebook pages, but they are creating Facebook brand pages. In fact, stats show that the majority of small businesses have 2 or more Facebook pages. This is on top of their own personal profiles!

Things can get confusing fast! So, what do you do?

You have to follow each page. You have to post to each page. You have to comment on the replies and posts on each page. You have to do all sorts of mundane tasks for each page.

It can get overwhelming fast. But thankfully there is a solution. A solution which makes managing your Facebook profile (along with your other social network accounts) a breeze.

What is it? It’s Postling.com.

Postling is a third party service which enables you to centralize your entire social media marketing campaigns. You can link your company’s blog, Facebook, Twitter and several other social accounts.

From this central location you can view your entire social graph’s news feed updates. You can, also, reply to the posts made by those you are friends with and follow… Or any comments made to your blog.

Need to make a new blog post? Create the post in Postling and publish to not only your blog but to Facebook.

Need to update your Twitter status? Do it from Postling and update your Facebook’s status, too. Oh, and you can turn that status update into a mini blog post.

It’s an amazing tool which will save you a TON of time. Best part? Postling offers a free version which will accomplish most of the tasks you need accomplished. And if you do choose their paid version… It’s only a few dollars a month.

But Postling is not the only great tool around for Facebook. There is one more.

Tool #2: Fan Appz

FanAppz.com is more than just a tool… It is a suite of amazing Facebook tools.

For instance, one tool is a polls application. You might be thinking what’s so great about a polls application? But when you consider what Facebook pages is all about… Then you will understand.

See, Facebook pages is all about connecting and engaging with your customers. One advantage of this is to learn what they want and need. Well, what better way to do this than a polls application? You can run polls on what people are thinking or what they would like to see.

Then you can implement the new ideas and strategies.

But that’s not the only application Fan Appz offers. They also offer a coupons and promotions application… A sweepstakes application… A gifts application… A fan store application… And so many more.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Fan Appz offers some great applications for Facebook marketing. But they don’t stop with just applications.

In fact, Fan Appz also offers a Facebook tab creator. This is a software which helps you to create Facebook tabs… These are the subpages which you can put onto your Facebook page.

It helps you extend your Facebook page and make it more interactive.

Best part? Fan Appz has a free option for a few of their applications.

So, if you find yourself stuck in your Facebook marketing, then, give Fan Appz a look. And if you are getting burned from too many Facebook pages and social network accounts, then, give Postling a try.

Profile Page versus Fan Page

Profile Page versus Fan Page

Have you ever consider using Facebook for marketing your business or brand? Yes? Okay. Then I am sure you have heard of Facebook profile pages and Facebook fan pages…?

Well, which one should you use for your business? A personal profile page or a business fan page? The answer just might surprise you. But before we get to that answer… Let’s examine each.

A Facebook profile page is Facebook’s personal page. It’s what the majority of people use Facebook for. And it allows you to add friends, follow pages, join groups, and run applications.

Most important, the Facebook profile page allows you to connect with your social graph. And that’s what’s Facebook is all about!

But can you use it for your business? Yes, and no. However, before we get into that… Let’s check out the Facebook fan page.

A Facebook fan page is considered a Facebook business page. You can allow fans to “like” and follow your updates. You can, yourself, follow other pages and run applications. In fact, a Facebook fan page can do almost everything that a personal page can do.

Most importantly? It allows you to interact and connect with your social graph — your fans.

But which should you use? I mean, if they both allow you to accomplish the same tasks, why do you need one over the other? Well, the thing is you need both.

See, a Facebook profile will only allow you to add a maximum of 5,000 friends. Might seem like a lot, but if your brand has tens of thousands of fans… Then, you are leaving a lot of them out of your engagements and marketing efforts.

A Facebook fan page will allow you to have an unlimited amount of followers! You can 100 fans or 1,000,000 fans or more… Yet, this is not the only reason why you might choose one over the other.

You see, business social accounts tend to get more comments and responses than personal social accounts. This is a fact. The stats are somewhere around 5 comments per day on average for business social accounts, and around 3 comments per day on average for personal social accounts.

So, when you choose a Facebook fan page over a Facebook personal page… You are upping your odds of success. Still, I do not think a Facebook fan page is the right path to go.

Nope. Instead, I believe you need both. Sure you could create a solo business account on Facebook and just create pages, but you would be leaving a potential of 5,000 personal friends on the table which would leave you an additional 3+ comments per day on average.

The best setup is to have a personal Facebook profile. From that profile you can manage as many Facebook business fan pages as you desire. This gives you the best of both worlds.

In conclusion… Neither wins. You need both a Facebook profile page and a Facebook fan page.

Facebook Places Is The New Yellow Pages

Facebook Places Is The New Yellow Pages

This was quoted four years ago, and we are already seeing this becoming a reality. By why?

Well, it all has to do with connectivity. As Bill noted above: “…We know your location, and so we can cluster around that.” No more do you have to fumble around in that 5lb phone book trying to find one single number. Instead, you can use your computer, or mobile phone, and get specific locale information of what you are searching for AND compare the different possibilities much easier.

Microsoft, Google and all of the other big Internet companies have tapped into the power of local search. But now, that search has become a social collaborative effort among you and your friends… All thanks to Facebook Places.

Facebook Places isn’t that new to the social arena. It has been around for about a year, but there are still a TON of businesses which have not taken advantage of this powerful tool. (Chances are you’re one of those businesses.)

But what is Facebook Places and how can it help your business?

Facebook Places allows your customers to check-in when they are at your business’ location. Why is this important? Well, the check-in is shown on your Facebook Places page, your customer’s wall, and your customer’s friends’ news feeds.

It connects those that love to do business with you AND your local community together. It’s as good as it gets word-of-mouth advertising WITHOUT directly saying — “Hey, this place is great.” Nope, instead you are saying: “Hey, this place is great. Why? Because I am here…”

That’s just one advantage of Facebook Places. The other? Well, let’s say you want to offer some sort of special discount to your customers… But, you don’t know exactly how to make it different and cool. Well, you could offer your customers unique coupons and discounts for checking-in at your locale. This encourages the word-of-mouth Facebook viral marketing by getting as many customers you can to check-in… All for a special discount.

Essentially, Facebook Places allows you to reward customer loyalty.

If you’re not using Facebook Places in your marketing you need to rethink your strategy. It’s free. It’s social. And it’s powerful. Head on over to www.facebook.com/places to check it out. The possibilities are endless!

How To Turn Facebook Into A Lead Generator

How To Turn Facebook Into A Lead Generator

They say, “The money is in the list.” Is that statement true? Yes, it is. What better way to cash in than sending an email to some eager followers… Who in turn visit the link contained within, and buy the latest greatest product from you.

But what good is an email list IF you have no leads to signup to your email list?

That’s where marketing like SEO, PPC and social marketing come into play. And who is king among these? Facebook.

There are lots of ways you can generate targeted leads via Facebook. Here are four of them.

Video Galore

Facebook gives you the ability to share videos with your friends. You can either link to a YouTube video, or you can upload your own video to Facebook directly. Either way, you will take advantage of the viral effect a social video can produce.

Videos are great for Facebook! And they can go viral really fast. How? Your friends watch the video… They share it… Their friends watch the video… They share it… And so on.

But we are looking for more than just an awesome viral video… We are looking for some solid leads. So, what do we do?

Well, first… Don’t use YouTube to share your videos on Facebook. Instead upload your videos directly to your Facebook page. Why? Because when you do this… any non-fan of your Facebook page that watches that video will get a small (non-intrusive) button which pops up over your video on the top left. This button encourages the non-fan to “like” your Facebook page.

Thus granting you a new potential lead.

Fun Reasons to Connect

In order to bring in leads and keep them… Well, you have to engage them and give them a reason to hang around.

Why not make that reason a fun reason? Why not create some fun contests or games? Why not post some odd and funny status updates?

Or how about this? How about creating a “happy hour” on your Facebook page? One hour out of each day which is supposed to be fun and get your mind off of everything else?

Maybe one day everyone can post their favorite song which they are listening to at that exact moment… Maybe one day people can list their favorite blog post and talk about why that blog post is their favorite?

There’s a lot of stuff you can do with a “happy hour”, but most important is it keeps your community of followers engaged and interested. And what does that do? It keeps them around a little longer.

Inexpensive Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are the paid sponsored ads you see to the left of your profile page. These are highly targeted ads. In fact, they can target not only your age and gender, but whether you are married or single… Or even if you like one genre of music over the other.

Facebook ads are not only highly targeted, but they are very inexpensive. For instance, you can target upwards of 500,000 people within a very specific group and only have to pay 25 cents per click. (That’s pretty cheap!)

But what’s really good about Facebook ads is that it can help you generate solid leads FAST. You can send those leads to your Facebook page, and try to capture them as a fan… Or you can send those leads to your sales funnel and try to capture them onto an email list.

Either way, Facebook ads is a great place to start generating a high number of leads really fast.

Opt-in Form

Facebook gives you the ability to create a number of different landing pages and different paged tabs on your Facebook page. What if you inserted an opt-in form to your email list onto your Facebook page?

This would be a great way to capture a Facebook fan and push them through your marketing funnel by getting them to join your email list.

And what happens once they join your list? Well, now you can send them special offers and promotions directly to their email address.

As you can see, Facebook is a great tool to use for lead generation!